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Our First Gig:

It was so cold out you couldn't stand it for more than a minute or two. There was no dressing room, so after setting up, we went to Mike's house to put on the first HELP! costume, which at that time had something to do with matching t-shirts.

We were scheduled to play at 9:30PM, and mozied back into the club at about 9:15 carrying our guitars. The place was jammed. Nervous we were?

The guitarists did a final warm up in a tiny boiler room, and then, at precisely the designated time, and after a nice little introduction by a friend, we hit the stage for the first time. We immediately munged the opening song, our theme song, by some of us attempting to end it halfway through. Our voices were wavering, but it was entirely uphill from there, and the crowd seemed to enjoy the show. When we got to the last two songs, there was finally serious dancing. They begged us to go on after our prepared set, but we had played every song we knew at the time.

Here's the set list for HELP! first show, 1/12/90, at the Grille 62 in Maynard, MA.

I Saw Her Standing There
I Should Have Known Better
Things We Said Today
Please Please Me
Act Naturally
All I've Got To Do
A Taste Of Honey
Ask Me Why
This Boy
Roll Over Beethoven
A Hard Day's Night
Can't Buy Me Love
Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
The Night Before
Another Girl
What You're Doing
Baby It's You
If I Fell
Do You Want To Know A Secret
She's A Woman
Besame Mucho
Leave My Kitten Alone
One After 909
Twist And Shout
I Want To Hold Your Hand.
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