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HELP! Y2K Photo Gallery

On the left, our main sound guru/wizard Mick Foret tweaking the board before a recent show. Mick's t-shirt says, if we're not mistaken, "What if the hokey-pokey really is what it's all about?" On the right, Mark muscles his AC-30 onto the stage while everybody else takes a break.

Here we have a sampling of the Rollas. On the left is Mitchell sitting on the throne. At right, Mike entertains the crowd at a recent summer show.

Hitting the stage at Hampton Beach, 2000. Marc and Mark's guitars are in tune. Mike's may not be.

On the left, Chris at a recent soundcheck. See his shirt? Did we mention how proud we are that Chris filled in and played two shows with nationally-known Beatles Tribute "1964." Yup... the shows were in late winter in Cleveland (Hello, Cleveland!) and St. Louis. He did great and brought honor to the HELP! name. All he got for his efforts were airline tickets, a hotel room, and this lousy shirt. (just kidding)

Look at Marc and Mike. They really look like they know what they're doing.

Chris really loves to sing.One song per set, no more... it's in his contract. Which is up for renewal.

Here's our good friend Deb Melewski taking photos at a summer show. Maybe this one will emd up on her excellent web site at Hmmm... wonder what song we're playing. Hints: 12ing, both Mike and Mark singing at the same time... picture the fingers.

Look at these last three. This is what Mark always looks like. And it looks just like him, too. He's a bit psychadelic in that last shot... artistic wiggle of the camera lens.

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Photos By Sarah Shonbrun and Marc Hertzberg

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