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HELP! gets some Good Press

In case you haven't seen the band in a while, we now have some actual reviews from some of the shows of the past years. Remember, we didn't write this stuff. And also, the people who did write this stuff didn't have to (well, they are critics so they have to write something, but they didn't have to write about us, and they also didn't have to write nice things about us... that's what we're trying to say here). Anyway...

Al Peach of the Seacoast Times saw our July 26, 1994 show at Hampton Beach, and was moved to pen the following in the August 5-11 issue.

Paul Lussier's Lennon vocals gave me goosebumps... Michael Rolla's Paul vocals were also uncanny... Marc Hertzberg played his guitar riffs flawlessly... Chris Hylander has the backbeat that made Ringo famous... eerie vocal blend... eerily accurate.

Earlier this year, we ran into a touch of good fortune when we happened to cross paths with Boston Globe rock writer Steve Morse at our March 16 show at Circuits, the very nice nightclub in the Waltham Westin Hotel.

Steve was at Circuits that night to experience first hand the suburban club scene. He introduced himself between the second and third sets and interviewed us briefly, right after we got finished falling all over ourselves with excitement.

Later, after a brief band meeting, we decided it might be wise to "play good" for the rest of the night... so we did. Steve was glued to his chair for the whole third set.

The following Thursday, March 23, we had a very nice mention in the Globe's Calendar section, on page 23 in the "Morse Code"article.

"A superb Beatles cover band, HELP!, played last week... with style and uncanny accuracy. Not enough can be said about how well the band captured the Beatles' early, pristine sound... an entertaining night."

Praise like this means nothing to us!

As for testimonials from our fans, we savor the best ones. Our current favorite is "Yous guys' band is mint!"

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