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HELP! Historical Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken in the spring of 1992 as part of a photo shoot of a few dozen pictures. The band was less than three years old at the time. We intended to get a promo photo out of the shoot, which took place in downtown Maynard, MA, and later in a wooded area a few miles away. Left to right, Michael Rolla, Chris Hylander, Chris Abouzeid, and Marc Hertzberg.

Why is Chris Abouzeid just a little too far out in front and not quite part of the band? Simple. Because he let us go through this entire shoot and then QUIT THE BAND a week later, proclaiming "If I never play another Beatles song in my life, it will be too soon" and rendering the photo shoot useless for promotional purposes. Unhappy though we were at this turn of events, it did lead directly to Paul Lussier's audition.

Later in the afternoon, out in the woods with our electric guitars, which bands do all the time. By the way, Marc had taken off his eyeglasses for the photo session so we'd look more the same than we would otherwise. His glasses are in his shirt pocket.

And here we are at the end of the day, walking out of the woods. Marc's glasses are no longer in his shirt pocket... he would realize in about an hour that he had lost them in the woods!

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Photos By Deb Grady

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