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Who is HELP!?

Marc Hertzberg (George) Originally from Long Island, NY, Marc has been a Massachusetts resident since 1983 and currently resides in Sudbury. Marc was forced by his cruel parents to take piano lessons beginning at the age of 8 (thanks, Ma), and is mostly self-taught as a guitarist (his first instrument was a beat up tennis racquet). He has been a professional musician since his early teens, and has experienced the highs and lows of the music business, including performing at Carnegie Hall (with the NYU Choir) and playing 23rd clarinet out of 23 in his high school band. He minored in music in college and has played in several original and cover bands through the years. For non-Beatles musical amusement, Marc co-writes and records original songs with his wife, Sarah, as lyricist. "Hey, I've used the words 'respire,' 'brain,' and even 'masticate' in my own lyrics, so it's a pleasure to have someone else taking care of that angle!"

Chris Hylander (Ringo) has been playing drums since he was six years old and playing in bands starting not too long after that. A lifelong resident of Waltham, MA, Chris has played with originals and cover bands including "The Others" and "The Secret," and joined HELP! as the third (and ultimate) drummer in the fall of 1991. Sorry, girls, he's married.

Paul Lussier (John) has been a Beatles fan since birth. As a kid, he tried his hand at drums and keyboards before settling on guitar as his main instrument. Paul has been playing and singing in bands since he was 15. His early bands played the Boston club scene in the 80s and received some radio play. In the 90s, Paul joined HELP! as their second “John,” playing regularly from August 22, 1992, through August 20, 1997. After five straight years of being consumed with everything Beatles, Paul needed a break, (but was happy to occasionally fill in when needed). After leaving HELP!, Paul began a career as an actor, and has appeared in many feature films, commercials, trade videos, and professional theatre. He has also continued to write and record his own songs, and has written a rock musical. Most recently, Paul fronted a new wave revival band called The Skinny Ties, then went on to sing and play lead guitar for The Classmates, a well-known band in Boston’s North Shore. Since auditioning in the spring of 1992, Paul has supported, and remained close with the members of HELP!, and didn’t hesitate to say “yes.” when asked if he was interested in rejoining the group when his old position in the band became available. His first show after taking exactly 13 years off was August 23, 2011. If he ever does leave again, he’ll be sure to do it in the third week of August, 20xx, just to be consistent. .

Michael Rolla (Paul) has a vivid memory of the first Beatle song he ever heard. He heard HELP! playing on the radio and from then on he was hooked. Wanting to be a Beatle, he showed his parents an $19.95 acoustic guitar in a Sears catalog and shortly afterwards found it under the Christmas tree. A self taught musician, Mike joined his first band, "Universe," during Sophomore year in High School and was soon playing at the High School's dances. Universe played together almost 10 years, a cover/original band. Mike penned a number of songs one of which ended up on a 45rpm record. In 1979, one of the bands originals got air time on WAAF. After a long run, Universe realized they were not going to become famous millionaire musicians, wanted change and disbanded. In 1986 Mike went off to record "Rock and Rolla" a collections of his original songs. After finishing this project Mike decided to form a Beatle's band. A Non-Beatlemania style band who's only goal was "The Sound and Spirit of the music". Three years later and after many auditions and meticulous rehearsals HELP! played it's first gig... In December of 1995 Mike (the original mother of the band) played his retirement gig at the Maynard Sit'N'Bull. Why did he leave? "I was pooped." Four years later he returned and is still carrying on, having more fun than ever. "It's great to be back hanging and playing with these guys, and hey... the material is the best!". Mike can also be seen with fair regularity doing an acoustic duet show with his wife, Dawn (she of the lovely voice), and less often but still sometimes with his old Universe bandmate Bob Terrasi. Check out Mike's myspace page, which contains a few of his original songs for your listening pleasure.

The Historical Line-Up.
Here's a list of all the band members who've ever played with HELP!

  • Michael Rolla - Founder, first and third (current) Paul
  • Chris Abouzeid - First John
  • Mark Harrison - First Ringo
  • Marc Hertzberg - First and still only George
  • Kevin Moylan - Second Ringo
  • Chris Hylander - Third and ultimate Ringo
  • Paul Lussier - Second and Fourth (current) John
  • Watts Biggers Jr. - Second Paul
  • Mark Poulin - Third John
  • Mark Hylander - Chris' brother who filled in with us once and did a splendid job
That about wraps it up for now. Except for the Fedster, Jim Federici, first and only and now dearly departed HELP! roadie. We miss you, Fed. You sure you don't want to come back? And don't give us that "I've got a life" line. Wait a minute... how about Saul Alpert, a.k.a. "Sal." Sal also helped out for a summer or two. We got rid of him because he can play guitar better than we can and we don't like to get showed up. Google him... he's probably famous by now.
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