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HELP! Photo Gallery

Old HELP! Promo Photo Here's the original HELP! promo photo, used until founder Michael Rolla left the band (and maybe even used a few times since!). Left-to-right, that's lead singer and rhythm guitarist Paul Lussier (yes, Paul plays John), lead guitarist and keyboardist Marc Hertzberg, Rolla, and drummer Chris Hylander.
The official second HELP! promo shot featured the new look and the new bass player. Left to right, that's Chris, Watts, Paul, and Marc striking a classic Beatles pose (we know, because we saw it in a bloody book). Although Paul's no longer with us, we haven't updated the promo photo yet so this will have to do for the time being.
A picture from the same photo shoot that produced the second official promo photo. Not quite right...
At left, another shot from the same photo shoot. Classic pose. Not bad, this one. 

On the right, our new John, Mark Poulin. Mark has done a one-man JWL tribute before... this is his promo photo from that act.

A photo taken in the dressing room and later photoshopped into the 60s. This work of art appeared on the HELP! home page for years.
An outdoor show on a warm summer evening. Mike at Hampton Beach. Bassist Watts Biggers, Jr. in rehearsal prior to his debut with the band on April 12, 1996.
Here we are showing off our new haircuts at Jack's on April 12, 1996.
Now here is Paul during set up and sound check at MacGregor Park in Derry, NH, looking rather patriotic around the July 4th holiday... and that's Chris working hard along the back row.

Obviously, there's a story behind this picture. Given an afternoon in London thanks to an eight hour layover at Heathrow, Marc takes in the sights. Naturally, he's just got to try to find Abbey Road, the famous crosswalk, and the studio where all the great music was recorded. Well, he found Abbey Road all right, but it turns out to be miles long and he has no idea of the address of the studio. Nothing looks familiar. There's a faded crosswalk, but it doesn't look right. So at least he gets this picture. "I was here... I tried... what the hey." Needless to say, this picture was taken a block or two from the studio and that was the famous crosswalk.  Marc at Abbey Road Cross Walk (photo)
And finally, HELP! in action at a few memorable shows. There are plenty more to come... Check our home page for the current schedule.
The Sea Shell Stage, Hampton Beach, NH. With A Little Help From My Friends.
MacGregor Park, Derry, NH. Probably playing A Hard Day's Night.
Town Of Uxbridge 1997 4th of July celebration. Shouldn't that be a British flag? 

Photo by Chris' brother Stephen Hylander.

Also at Uxbridge, Miss Massachusetts, Jennifer Chapman, graced the festivities. Chris wasted no time sitting this Queen atop his throne. As a direct consequence of this photo having been taken, Jennifer went on to win the Miss U.S.A. 1998 pageant! Way to go, you MissMass! 

This photo also probably by Stephen Hylander.

The Great American Youth Festival, Lowell, MA. May 30, 1998. Mark Poulin's first show with the band!
Images and text on this page and linked pages Copyright 1996-2020 HELP!
Promo Photo Credit: Laureen Simone, Image Quest Productions
Other photos by Sarah, Laurie, Stephen and Marc

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